RightBTC 3.0 Release Notes

RightBTC is excited to announce a major upgrade to our 3.0 version! This version will be our most comprehensive upgrade that will vastly improve the overall user experience, and we are excited to share that the RightBTC 3.0 System is developed by HaoChen and a talent fintech team.

A New Engine, A Completely New Start

New Order Types

Type Desc Link
MARKET buy or sell a cryptocurrency at the best available price in the current market Market Order
STOP buy or sell a cryptocurrency when its price moves past a particular point, ensuring a higher probability of achieving a predetermined entry or exit price, limiting the investor’s loss or locking in a profit. Stop Order
FOK Fill or Kill: execute a transaction immediately and completely or not at all Fill Or Kill
IOC Immediate or Cancel: buy or sell a cryptocurrency that executes all or part immediately and cancels any unfilled portion of the order Immediate Or Cancel Order
TRAILINGSTOP stop order that can be set at a defined percentage or dollar amount away from a cryptocurrency’s current market price. Trailing Stop
Hidden-LIMIT to hide large-size orders can do use by applying the “Hidden” attribute to a large volume order to completely hide the submitted quantity from the market. Hidden-LIMIT

High-Performance Web access


Supports 200,000 traders online at same time.

High Frequency Trading Support

The matching core is implemented by C++14 code, which provides micro-second order matching, under stress pressure of 20,000 orders per second, the 3.0 engine can match each order within 0.03 milliseconds for each single trading pair.

Web UI interface

Re-designed all interfaces, including the home page, exchange page, trading, assets, etc.
We care deeply about your user experience, so if you find anything you’d like to feedback to us, please do not hesitate to reach out.



Due to security reasons, the API Keys generated by RightBTC 2.0 are obsolete.
You must get new API keys and secret keys from the account web page of RightBTC 3.0.

API Compatibility

RightBTC 3.0 still provides PUBLIC API calls of RightBTC 2.0:
RightBTC 3.0 DOES NOT provide TRADE API calls of RightBTC 2.0 any more: