Welcome to the RightBTC API documentation.
The RightBTC API’s are designed to allow access to all of the features of the RightBTC platform, subject to you complying with the API Terms of Service.

API access

In order to access the parts of the API which require authentication, you must generate an API key and an API secret key using the web page of your account info.

You can generate as many API keys as you would like (Entity Account Required), and each of those keys can be customized in a few ways.



  • Do not parse text descriptions, use only codes
  • All times are UTC timestamps expressed as milliseconds (eg. 1571234567000), but candlestick API calls use seconds (eg. 1571234567).



Due to the precision of the floating-point issue in computer not being 100% real,
we therefore use lots/ticks to replace price/amount.
The precision level of all trading is calculated based on significant integers (lots/ticks).

Let’s see the case of:

Example: Bitcoin’s price is $9000.00, then I want to BUY 0.1 BTC on RightBTC.

PAIR In float price/amount In integer lots/ticks
BTCUSD 9000.00/0.1 900000/100000

price 9000.00 => ticks 900000 ? because RightBTC defines 1 tick = 0.01 USD
amount 0.1 => lots 100000 ? because RightBTC defines 1 lot = 0.000001 BTC

Now we also know what is the minimum amount and price tick of any pair.

See API Contracts to get each definition of the trading pairs.



Requests parameters for POST requests (authenticated) in the “Authenticated Endpoints” section, not GET parameters.

Requests parameters for GET requests (non-authenticated) are based on URI.

In order to offer the best service possible, we have added a rate limit to the number of REST requests.

METHOD per second per minute per day
REQUESTS - 1200 -
ORDERS 10 - 100000

Public Endpoints

All Public Endpoints use GET requests.

Let’s try GET /v1/markets:

$ curl --location --request GET ""

"mnem": "BTCUSD",
"display": "display",
"contr": "BTCUSD",
"settlDate": null,
"expiryDate": null,
"state": 1,
"makerFee": 0,
"takerFee": 0
"mnem": "ETPBTC",
"display": "display",
"contr": "ETPBTC",
"settlDate": null,
"expiryDate": null,
"state": 1,
"makerFee": 0,
"takerFee": 0

Authenticated Endpoints

All Authenticated Endpoints use POST requests.
Authentication is done using an API key and a secret key.
To generate this pair, please go to the API Access web page.

The authentication procedure is as follows:

  1. Get your apiKey and secretKey pair from the web page.

  2. Prepare HTTP Header with

    * APIKEY: apiKey
    * NONCE: nonce - a strictly increasing number (eg:timestamp)
    * SIGNATURE: MD5(body + secretKey + nonce)

The body is the content of POST request which is JSON encoded.

string apiKey = config.getApiKey();
string secretKey = config.getSecretKey();
string nonce = getTimeOfDay();

httpHeader.insert("APIKEY", apiKey);
httpHeader.insert("NONCE", nonce);

string jsonEncodedBody = "{\"a\":1,\"b\":2}";
string payload = jsonEncodedBody + secretKey + nonce;
string signature = crypto::md5(payload);

httpHeader.insert("SIGNATURE", signature);

Specifically, Content Type supports application/json and application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Add below in Header,

* content-type:application/json

Let’s see the signature case in Javascript:

const crypto = require('crypto');

function signData(header, bodyString, secretKey) {
let toCryptData = bodyString + secretKey;

toCryptData = toCryptData + header['NONCE'];

let md5 = crypto.createHash('md5');
let sign = md5.digest('hex');

return sign;

// JSON body data
// will add body in signed as payload
let body = {
market: "ABBCUSDT",
pageIndex: 0,
pageSize: 20

// your header data
let header = {
NONCE: 1563342032,
APIKEY: '4ci4regrwku4'

let secretKey = '6ijq4lcfyaw0bxjy1wweo5dk1zis97qd';
let signed = signData(header, JSON.stringify(body), secretKey);
console.log(`SIGNATURE: ${signed}`);
// print: SIGNATURE: b6c38f6145a3c5055a617fb969e75a76

// so, the header of the request should be :
// {
// NONCE: 1563342032,
// APIKEY: '4ci4regrwku4',
// SIGNATURE: 'b6c38f6145a3c5055a617fb969e75a76'
// };

Let’s see the signature case in Python:

# run in python3

import hashlib
import json

api_key = "4ci4regrwku4"
secret_key = "6ijq4lcfyaw0bxjy1wweo5dk1zis97qd"
nonce = "1563342032"

# will add body in sign_str as payload
body = {
"market": "ABBCUSDT",
"pageIndex": 0,
"pageSize": 20

body_str = json.dumps(body).replace(" ", "")
print("body_str: %s" % body_str)

sign_str = body_str + secret_key + nonce

sign = hashlib.md5(sign_str.encode("utf-8")).hexdigest()

print("SIGNATURE: %s" % sign)
# print: SIGNATURE: b6c38f6145a3c5055a617fb969e75a76
# so, the header of the request should be :
# {
# NONCE: 1563342032,
# APIKEY: '4ci4regrwku4',
# SIGNATURE: 'b6c38f6145a3c5055a617fb969e75a76'
# };

Parsing JSON on RightBTC is faster than x-www-form-urlencoded